Back End

Maintaining data schema and user models for back end data sources, both relational and noSQL


Kelly Services, Woodard Education, Xiaozao, Bank of America


Back End work involves the handling of the core web application, its server environment, databases and API management.

A developer that handles back end work often handle the "data access layer" of an application. For web applications, this developer may utilize any of several languages such as Java, Node.js, Ruby, C# or Python.

Back end developers must deal with the integrity of an application, in both its development and full production stages. Database administration, application scalability, authentication, authorization, data transformation and back up redundancy are all responsibilities that a back end software engineer may have.


I have worked as a back end developer for several start ups from 2000 to 2005. As a full stack developer during this time, my responsibilities were often as one of the few developers within the entire company. At that capacity, my responsibilities included working on both the front and back end.

At Woodard Education, I served as the back end developer for about seven years. My responsibilities included whiteboarding the application architecture, creating the application core, creating the database object, setting up security and authentication and configuring data redundancy.

My work at Woodard Education, extended into my work as the senior back end developer at Xiaozao, our partner's education start up.