Laravel is a PHP web framework that allows a full stack experience to developer a web application. Laravel allows a developer to access data through tables and render front end experience using PHP blade, Angular, ReactJS or Vue.

Laravel can be used as a backend only API application or can be used to develop a full stack experience, creating both UI and database serviced web application.


Laravel is a PHP framework that can be seen as a PHP alternative to a full JavaScript framework, such as Angular (an JavaScript web framework) or Next (a React-library based JavaScript framework.

Unlike these JavaScript frameworks, Laravel can behave as a full stack web framework. This means that unlike Angular or React, Laravel applications don't need to point to backend database services. Laravel can contain their own APIs, which means that all API services are contained inside of the application itself.

Due to direct connections inside the application, Laravel can handle meta tags and social media sharing without having to use traditional "server side rendering".


My first published Laravel project was the brand management system for Mindsect. A core part of the Mindsect Corporation, this application allows for me to handle all content that gets published to the majority of the brands owned and maintained by the Mindsect umbrella brand. My second most significant Laravel project would be Tramel Woodard. This is my personal profile and is used for reference for any clients considering using my services.

I had also built an API server for Mindsect. This was exclusively a backend of all API calls and was used for the majority of my Angular front end applications.