Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek is nestled in the East Bay and is home to John Muir Health and health care organization Kaiser Permanente. Long's Drugs, previously headquarterted in Walnut Creek (before being sold to CVS), was a major client of Daymon Worldwide.

Daymon Worldwide is a private labeling company that assists retailers with the marketing and placement of their private brands.


I was hired as a graphic designer by Daymon Worldwide, to work onsite at Long's Drugs, a pharmeceutical and convenience store chain in Northern California and Hawaii.

My position responsibilities included ensuring that brand wording had correct typography, colors were printed according to corporate CMYK standards and product is properly placed in aisles in local stores.

Stores were visited to ensure that the completed product was placed properly in stores in their appropriate aisles. Reconsideration of product placement had to be suggested if competing products were graphically more prominent.


A strong history of typography and color theory from my high school and college study assisted in my duties for this particular position. Knowledge of color bleed, border and whitespace recognition assisted in my ability to improve design and offer suggestions to the client.