Front End

Creating user experiences and interfaces for various web applications


Kelly Services, Linden Lab, Woodard Education, Xiaozao, Lenovo, Equifax, Bank of America, ACT


Front End usually deals with the user interface and design of a web application, often including additional responsibilities related to middleware and API consumption. Many modern Front End positions include understanding modern JavaScript frameworks that separate the Model, View and Controller layers of web applications.

Front End developers now are expected to understand how to not only use basic JavaScript libraries and frameworks. Libraries include jQuery, jQuery UI and Moment. Frameworks many front end developers should be familiar with include Ember.js, Angular.js, Angular, React.js and Vue.js.


I'm often asked what my strengths are as a developer. I believe as a developer that worked for more than 15 start up companies between 2000 and 2005, that my greatest strength is as a developer that thoroughly understands what each layer of a project requires. Understanding this makes me an excellent front end developer.

Often times, front end developers are separated from the business interests of the project and sometimes become unaware of what is ultimately important from a business perspective.

From understanding stakeholder expectations to being able to deploy crucial web applications ahead of time, I have never had any issue with functioning well within a team that required me to be as autonomous as possible.