Atlanta is the south's hub for big business and alone has the 17th largest economy in the world. It's the seventh most visited city in the United States and attracts as many new IT workers as it does tourists.

Atlanta is heavily active in the "fin-tech" and IT industries. Some of the largest corporations that employ large numbers of IT workers are Home Depot, UPS, Equifax, ADP and The Coca-Cola Company.


I was brought on to the design team at Equifax because of my Angular 2 experience. There were lots of requests for proof of concepts for Angular 2 applications, to be presented for possible implementation as smaller internal applications.

Several prototypes of Angular 2 as well as full MEAN stack applications were created for the benefit of research and development for future application upgrades.


Equifax was my first contract where I was able to work with Angular 2 in an enterprise environment. This was also my first chance to utilize my skills in Typescript and Node.js in at an American corporation.