Charlotte is a financial hub and home to the headquarters of Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Because of its importance in the "fin-tech" industries, the city also is host to a number of technical start ups that cater to the needs of financial applications.

Charlotte is located just two hours south of the RTP (Research Triangle Park) which consists of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill. Charlotte also receives a lot of technical activity and talent through its close proximity to the RTP area.


After returning to the United States from China, my involvement with Xiazao, an educational start up started by a few of my associates in Shenzhen, I went from general consultant to an official role of Senior Web Developer. Xiaozao's sphere of activity was in Durham, as many of its founding members were students at Fuqua, Duke's business school.

After completing my role as Senior Web Developer for Xiaozao, I accepted a short term position at Lenovo as a UX Designer. My experience not only in web web development, but my experience in graphic design, typography and other designing for international brands.


My time as a Senior Web developer at Xiaozao saw my cooperation with a full Duke Fuqua graduate team and leading web development of the site by collaborating with different founders from different backgrounds. I helped see the original team through two branding campaigns and one name change.

During the end of my contract with Lenovo, I was promoted to UI lead for the global accessories department and worked on a percentage based pre-Bootstrap, pre-Flexbox solution that I created for layouts that will accomodate multiple languages at multiple type sizes and styles.