Mindsect Corporation

Mindsect is a logistics and marketing tool to help proprietors or corporations develop multiple brands simultaneously.

This pre-Agile tool helps companies manage multiple levels of industry through one interface, connecting multiple departments and teams through one chained task system. I created this application as a way to "synergize multiplicity".


The Mindsect Corporation was a necessity as the number of projects and clients I handled increased. I needed a way to properly manage all of my projects under one centralized platform where several needs could be met: marketing, content publishing and logistics. Users, founders, stakeholders and developers also needed to be able to communicate between brands and projects as well.


This project was initially created under a simple LAMP stack "five page" model, with introductions, business model, registration and contact being the main points of communication. MySQL was utilized as the back end database after I created the back end service desk.

The front end is all PHP and vanilla JavaScript. I utilized Javascript created by myself for several functionalities as opposed to opt for outside third party libraries.


Due to several clients with a majority Chinese following, using any Google analytics or technology initially caused some issue, due to Google's limited access in China. Because of this issue, a different third-party analytics vendor was utilized for all logistics and auditing of the site's activity.

UPDATE (2018/8/29)

I'm currently in the process of updating many of my earlier PHP websites to the Laravel framework, so existing MySQL databases may be access directly by any future Angular, React and Vue projects.

Mindsect Corporation will be updated to Angular 6.