JavaScript Framework

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that is maintained primarily by Google. It is used to create the front end portion of a Single-Page application, most often used as the front end portion of the MEAN technology stack.

AngularJS is version one of the Angular ecosystem and is considered to be both a dependable and stable release that is utilized in a large number of applications in both the retail and financial industries.


My experience with AngularJS stems from my days attending informal Agile user groups in Shenzhen, a city in the South of China. The MEAN technology stack was discussed at length and many of us in the international development community decided to adapt early on, due to the framework's support and creation by developers at Google.

This was a good investment as the majority of the past six years since 2012 has been spent creating, maintaining or developing AngularJS applications in an enterprise environment.


While the majority of the Applications I have either built or helped maintain in an enterprise environment have been built atop a J233 web application, I also have experience with building a complete MEAN application at Equifax as a proof of concept.

Outside of the United States, I have an additional three years developing MEAN stack applications which utilize MongoDB and Node.js as a complete JavaScript backend.