Programming Language

Java is a programming language that is platform-independent and follows the "write once, run anywhere" development flow.

Java is one of the most popular languages to be used for enterprise level applications across a large number of industries and organizations.


I have used Java since the early 2000s, but have consistently used the programming language from 2013 to the present. From Equifax to ACT, Java has been a consistent language used in the creation of all enterprise grade applications.

Most of the existing applications from my recent contracts have been Java 7. The majority of the newer applications that were created from the beginning of my contracts were Java 8. I have yet to utilize either Java 9 or 10 in the enterprise environment.


Although many of the tech stacks used in my previous contracts have included Java, SQL and some sort of JavaScript framework, I have also created several personal projects that use Java, a front end Framework such as AngularJS or ReactJS and a applications configured connection to MySQL and MongoDB.

During my earlier years of using Java, I have also created separate Windows based applications for interal enterprise use, as well as applets to be ran in appliances and machines.