Database Program

MongoDB is a an open-source document-oriented database program. It is part of the MEAN technology stack that also includes Express.js, Angular and Node.js.

MongoDB is considered "NoSQL". Unlike SQL databases, which store information in tables, and store foreign key values in related tables, NoSQL databases save all data as JSON-formatted objects, which are stored in collections, as opposed to tables.


My usage of MongoDB started shortly after my MEAN stack applications had been approved past proof of concept at Woodard Education. The applications were launched on Node.js, rendered via Express.js using the Pug templating engine and rendered on the front end using the AngularJS framework.

Simple CRUD operations were accomplished and once the amount of data stored for our projects began to increase, proper field indexing became an important part of the application work flow.


I have used MongoDB extensively within the Woodard Education databases both internally and client-facing. All student exams and course reading and media viewing were executed by storing content in MongoDB. For Woodard Education, installed MongoDB programs were stored and replicated across our hosted servers.

My MondoDB knowledge was extended at Equifax when creating my proof of concept applications with Angular 2. I was able to create an "server election" server collection by mocking large data consumption on one server and concurrently requesting another server for a similar request of data. My proof of concept was successful and includeld into the proof of concept.