Afrikuisine in the Works


Wednesday, November 20, 2019 1:09pm

Afrikuisine is a website that introduces visitors to easy to make recipes from all over the African continent. Nigerian, Ethiopian, Cameroonian and more. Many types of African cuisine have yet to become mainstream or well known outside of their respective communities. Afrikuisine hopes to encourage people to try to make their own versions of African dishes in the privacy of their own homes, for daily meals, a shift in diet as well as a tool to introduce themselves to a new culture.

I first thought about the idea a few years ago when considering my own personal health. As an African-American, I thought it would be great to not only try different types of African cuisine for their well known rich flavors, but also as a decision to eat food that was traditional to my ethnic community.

It stands to reason if there are diseases that are specific to certain ethnicities, then treatments may be specific as well. One of the best preventative treatments for any person is a healthy diet and the diet ethnically specific to me is African.

The site will also encourage those who aren't familiar with African cuisine to explore individual food items, such as monkey bread fruit, chocolate berry or jujube! Learn not only how to make your own African dishes, but become familiar with common ingredients.

Lastly, the site will also feature a search function, where visitors can find African grocery stores, shops and restaurants in their immediate area.

Great for locals visiting abroad or people who are introducing themselves to a new experience, Afrikuisine is coming soon!