Tramel Woodard Site Complete, New Search Engine!


Friday, September 14, 2018 12:49am

Over the last week, I have completed the final updates to the Tramel Woodard website!

This was my first time to work on a website live, posting blogs about its progress, while simultaneously working to complete it.

I thought it would be interesting, so I added a blog first to give a truly immersive "under construction" experience.

This website update went through the following phases;

  • Site conception sketches and general whiteboarding
  • Comprehensive Agile and Sprint planning on personal JIRA
  • Personal agreement of a "one month" working deadline
  • Complete black and white wireframing of each view
  • Full corporate branding and color mapping for site
  • Complete UI design of each view in Adobe Photoshop
  • Choice of Laravel as PHP server-side framework
  • Choice of MySQL as database program
  • Choice of Blade as Front End templating Engine
  • Choice of PHPUnit as testing framework
  • Two weeks of Agile-based coding, reporting to myself

I often use MEAN stack or J2EE web applications at work, so I thought I'd try my hand at PHP for the one-month deployment of my site's upgrade.

Site search engine is available for all recruits or agencies that would like to search for relevant skill sets for consideration of future positions. For example, if you would like to understand the depth of my "ReactJS" experience, please search for "ReactJS" in the top menu search bar.