My New Tramel Woodard Blog


Monday, September 10, 2018 3:22am

Welcome to my new Tramel Woodard blog!

After several years of learning and using both AngularJS and Angular, I'm back to working on projects in PHP with Laravel—one of the greatest PHP MVC frameworks on the market.

I wanted to demo the newest version of my website with a more enterprise-friendly stack, such as MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node), but once I started creating demos and proofs of concepts with the Laravel framework, I decided to update my much less in-demand PHP skills.

Unlike many of my previous PHP projects, the new Tramel Woodard website was built with the Laravel framework. Before using the Laravel framework, the design pattern of my PHP sites would vary greatly from client to client.

While this is not a major issue, code that I spent weeks or months would then become intellectual property of my previous client. This meant starting from scratch on a solution that I may have already solved several times.

The Laravel framework has allowed for a more of an industry standard that I can push to clients and quickly modify based on stakeholder requirements.

This allows for faster deployment of applications, as well as newer functionalities in existing Laravel projects.

Enjoy the new site and the new blog!